Blog usage rules

The Blog is a virtual communication space where we intend to share knowledge and ideas on the development of infrastructures, whether highways, airports or cities.

I. Rules acceptance

This Blog usage rules (the “Rules”) regulate the empowerment and availability of the Blog by FERROVIAL. Blog usage by users implies the acceptance of the Rules and the software used on the website of the company that develops and implements the site.

II. Blog registration and posting comments

Any person can access and use the Blog to send comments about published posts. It is only required to pre-register on this Blog through the forms provided for this purpose.

In this way, the user is informed and authorizes that the comments incorporated to the Blog, along as the data provided if requited, can be published in the Blog. Equally, the user will receive notifications about (i) new posts in the Blog, which may be of his interest, based on the categories previously selected for this purpose, and (ii) new comments about the posts previously commented by the user.

Likewise, through the compliance of the form, the user is informed and authorizes that his data can be treated to send through any channel, including electronic means (email), FERROVIAL newsletters, as well as commercial information about activities, events or third parties events, competitions, products, services, offers and promotions related to the activities developed by FERROVIAL and / or its Group.

They are companies of FERROVIAL Group all companies or entities listed in Annex 1 ratio of the memory of the last consolidated annual accounts published on the website The FERROVIAL Group companies are essentially engaged in the following activities: (i) construction, (ii) management of transport infrastructure and airports, (iii) real estate and (iv) services.

Any use of the Blog should be done with full respect to the current legal system, the present Rules and the requirements of good faith. Consequently, no communications are accepted that:

  • Violate the rights, property and legitimate interests of FERROVIAL, other users and third parties, such as its intellectual and industrial property rights, religious freedom, honour, reputation and privacy, protection of personal data and any other rights or interests protected by law.
  • Incorporate content or discriminatory, racist, sexist, violent, xenophobic or otherwise offensive or degrading expressions.
  • Incorporate all kinds of inappropriate material or contrary to the requirement of good faith.
  • Provide information of any kind directed to the commission of criminal, civil or administrative offenses, promote illegal activities or encourage violence.
  • Carry out any actions (or provide information to third parties) that allow the avoidance of the technical limitations that may be attached to the very different media or Blog programs in order to prevent an unauthorized use.
  • Include content or material without the permission of the copyright holders of intellectual property.
  • Harm, disable, overload or deteriorate the performance of the blog or the operation of the computer equipment of FERROVIAL, of other users or third parties, as well as documents, files and/or content stored on such computer equipment (hacking) or prevent the normal usage and Blog enjoyment by other users.
  • Include any publicity or advertisement.
  • Impersonate the identity of a person other than the intended post communicator.
  • Are intended to interrupt or disturb the conversation or conversations developed in the Blog. They will be considered in all cases as annoying, the repetition of messages, or messages that only include repetitions of characters or links to websites.
  • Sent from software robots with the intention of generating noise; They will be considered spam and will be deleted.

The user that becomes aware of any kind of content of the Blog or facilitated through it that is contrary to law, rules or requirements of good faith, can notify the Company by writing an email to, without incurring any obligation or responsibility for FERROVIAL.

FERROVIAL will be considered a blog administrator in the conditions and with the powers provided in these Rules, reserving the right to interpretation in case of doubt or discrepancy in the use of the Blog. FERROVIAL may refuse an addition to the Blog or remove from it any communication that considers not accordant with these Rules. Comments should be about the topic of the post for which they intend to comment. FERROVIAL may undertake any actions that, in its sole discretion, will stand to be accurate or appropriate for the proper functioning of the Blog, whether in relation to any breach of these Regulations or for any other reason.

III. Newsletter subscription

The user can subscribe to the newsletter of FERROVIAL completing the electronic form provided for this purpose.

Likewise, by completing this form, the user is informed and authorizes that his data can be treated to send through any channel, including electronic means (email), commercial information about activities, events or third parties events, contests, products, services, offers and promotions related to the activities developed by FERROVIAL and/or its Group.


FERROVIAL is not responsible for the accuracy, veracity, validity, legality or relevance of the posts published by FERROVIAL employees or any other user of the Blog, or the opinions and comments submitted by users about these posts. In this way, FERROVIAL has the right but not the obligation, to monitor the use of the blog and its contents, which are the sole responsibility of the users who formulate them.

FERROVIAL will only respond, if required, of its own services and contents directly originated by it and identified with its copyright as a brand or intellectual or industrial property of FERROVIAL.

Users will respond for the damages that may occur to FERROVIAL, another user or any other third party as a result of access and/or use of the Blog (including, in particular, the development of communications) breaking any provision of the legislation an its time, these Rules and/or the requirement of good faith.

V. Usage Cost

The access and usage of the Blog by users is free, except for the cost of connection through the telecommunications network provided by the service provider contracted by each user.


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