Business strategy

Sustainability, Quality, Price?

10 of November of 2011

Our day-to-day is full of contradictions. All we have to do is look around and think about how we would do things. We would certainly do things differently, if only to leave our mark.

It’s like that in business too. Things are done the way they have “always” been done so changing habits is tremendously complicated. Also, since the results always come later, few people are prepared to risk it and take the initiative.

Other times, changes require expenditure that we’re not always willing to make. And so, things continue to be done just as they have always been.

Sustainability and reducing our CO2 emissions, is important. In fact, it’s downright necessary. Quality cannot be improvised. It is also necessary for a company’s survival. There is no future without quality.

And all of this costs money. The question is… are companies willing to bear the extra cost?

Will customers value companies’ efforts and pay more?

Are governments willing to support the companies that make and uphold this commitment, day in, day out?

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