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60 years of history, in photographs

23 of May of 2013

“Beyond buildings, above cities, engineering works with the scale of nature to build the world. Its works are about performance rather than about ostentation. Building in the air, traversing the sea, erecting buildings the size of an aircraft carrier, redesigning highways to accommodate thousands of cars as if they were few… Those are the works of engineers, whose technological readiness allows them to reinvent the geography of our Planet”

The previous words come from the article that Spanish newspaper El País has dedicated to one of our most exciting projects: an upcoming photographic exhibition that will celebrate our company’s 60th Anniversary. In order to develop it, we have spent one year working with one of Spain’s most prestigious photo artists: José Manuel Ballester.

The 2010 National Photography Award winner travelled around the world and visited some of Ferrovial’s most relevant projects. The project took Ballester on a journey of over 31,416 kilometers, as he visited different countries such as Spain, Portugal, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Chile.

The result of his work will be available at CaixaForum in Madrid, with the exhibition running from June 12 to July 30. Our blog will report on this and other initiatives within the scope of our 60th Anniversary. For now, make sure to check out this “sneak preview” of the  upcoming exhibition.

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