Airport infrastructure

A user-based management model

18 of June of 2014

Public-private partnership agreements are revealing themselves to be an effective model when it comes to guaranteeing maximum-quality services while reducing consumption and costs. Valdecilla Hospital in Santander is a good example. Ferrovial is in charge of managing the hospital’s non-medical services and of completing its enlargement, which has suffered numerous delays since its start-up 15 years ago.

The company’s extensive trajectory in maintenance and energy efficiency management in other hospitals is a guarantee of success for this contract, which follows a model that can be replicated not only in other hospitals but also in a wide range of urban services and infrastructures.

At the heart of this model is the end user. Ferrovial demonstrates every day that the ongoing improvement of users’ experience of its infrastructures and services is the compass that guides its operations. This is the case with the Operations team of the 407 ETR higway, which has made every effort to ensure that the weather conditions endured by Toronto this winter, with average temperatures below minus 15º, did not affect vehicle traffic.

This concern is shared by the team at Heathrow Airport. Its commitment to retail has contributed to improving the experience of the millions of passengers who pass through this facility. Its model has become a standard, with five consecutive Skytrax awards for best airport for shopping in the world.

Serving new users was one of the reasons that drove the extension of line 9 of Madrid Metro towards the growing districts of Montecarmelo and Mirasierra. Ferrovial is building new kilometres of tracks and a new station. The structure of the latter ensures faster traveller flow in the facility.

During this summer, different professionals of Ferrovial will explain these proyects more in deep in this blog. All of them make it possible to carry out our model of infraestructures, based on enhancing customer experience thanks to the professionality of our team.

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