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Centre of Excellence for Asset Management

30 of July of 2014

Today, we live and work in a world where much of our infrastructure is increasingly influenced by an asset management approach. Whether you have travelled on a motorway, taken a train or even passed through an airport, a multitude of decisions are made every day by engineers to maximise and prolong the life of assets that keep the world moving.

In growth economies like the Middle East, where investment in new infrastructure has increased heavily, intelligent decisions can be made at the beginning of an assets’ life, allowing infrastructure to be planned and designed to accommodate a nation’s future requirements. On the other hand, in countries like the UK we are challenging decisions to find innovative ways to get the most out of the infrastructure we already have. This is partly why UK engineering is considered some of the finest in the world.

This summer, Ferrovial Services held the inaugural conference of its Centre of Excellence for Asset Management. The event, which took place in London, provided an insight into the services and expertise held within the Centre, and demonstrated how our asset management capabilities help our customers around the world to make intelligent decisions that balance cost, risk and performance.

The Centre of Excellence provides world-leading advisory, asset management, design and construction services.  We help some of the world’s biggest asset owners to better understand their infrastructure, so that they can make really smart, long-term decisions.

With a forward order book of over £1bn and more than 3,000 engineering designers, strategic consultants and operational specialists, we have the capability and capacity to drive strategic growth for Ferrovial Services.  The knowledge and expertise harnessed in the Centre of Excellence is at our colleagues’ and clients’ disposal. Our asset management advice, support and services set us apart and create value for our customers, value for Ferrovial and value for our shareholders.

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