Innovation in Construction: rail unloading machine and engineering app

12 of August of 2014

In 2012, we launched Zuritanken, an innovation-centric initiative where employees contribute new ideas aimed at improving the way Ferrovial operates. Below we highlight two of the finalists in the Construction challenge.

Zuritankeners Carlos Menéndez, Miguel Ángel Parral López, Daniel Alonso Simón and Isabelino Ruiz Garrido, finalists in the Construction challenge, presented a project for unloading and laying railway track without the need for an additional track. The idea involves a vehicle equipped to grip the rails, pull them off the train and position them correctly.

The novel feature is that the specially adapted machine can quickly unload the rails from the train without requiring an auxiliary track. By reducing unloading time, it cuts execution time. It also improves safety in unloading the rails from the train. This mechanism has already been used on the Barcelona high-speed railway line, between La Sagrera and Mollet, with good results.

Allocation is an “app” for smartphones developed by zuritankener Mar Delgado Saborit, also a finalist in the Construction challenge. The app, which is currently being implemented, allows engineers to enter data on their assignment sheets without having to go to the office, offering a notable advantage to personnel as it saves them both time and travel.

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