Corporate Social Responsibility

We're launching Social Value Lab to promote projects with a social and environmental impact

25 of November of 2014

Social Value Lab, our company’s new project, is a dynamic space in which to design, implement and promote projects with a social and environmental impact on the communities where Ferrovial Servicios operates, and on its clients. It is based on three fundamental pillars: working with the community, respect for the environment, and the development of our professionals.

What type of products will be considered for the Social Value Lab?

It will include community action, entrepreneurship and sustainability projects. In parallel, the lab’s internal dimension will help improve employee commitment and satisfaction and provide opportunities for professional development.

Several foundations and social organisations have already agreed to participate in this initiative, which will be coordinated via a collaborative website located on Ferrovial’s intranet. The web will comprise several areas: a space for news about projects, an area where employees can post new offers and requests for proposals from Ferrovial Servicios with a customized social action plan, a section on the corporate volunteer programme, a module to promote best practices, etc.

This space will act as an internal social network, allowing employees to exchange ideas and information through a specific community within Ferrovial’s internal social network (Coffee).

 Commitment to the community, the environment and employees

The programme will focus on community projects based on actions which support training, integration and insertion of young people and the long-term unemployed, as well disadvantaged groups and people with disabilities; it will also promote entrepreneurship as part of its social innovation strategy.

But there’s more. With this initiative, Ferrovial Servicios is making a commitment to the environment, promoting the creation of awareness-raising campaigns, volunteer programmes, citizen protection and awareness-raising, projects related to environmental research, energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.

Social Value Lab seeks more than just general employee satisfaction: the objective is for every employee to make his/her own personal commitment so as to work with a purpose. To that end, the strategy includes volunteer activities, promotion of workplace health and safety, support for diversity and improving employee satisfaction, as well as professional development, communication and connectivity between employees.

 Commitment to innovation

 Innovation in the municipal services sector is a key goal of Ferrovial Servicios, and employees can use the Social Value Lab to propose social and environmental innovation projects that may be implemented in the short term.

In addition to this initiative, the company already has other innovation and entrepreneurship programmes in place in the area of cities, such as “Madrid Smart Lab” and  “Cities Open Challenge“.


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