Publicada el 11 de Diciembre de 2014

Ferrovial Servicios cleans streets, parks and gardens, empties and maintains waste bins, and collects waste from homes, municipal markets and business premises in western Barcelona. Although our company has extensive experience in municipal waste management, the team in the Zona Franca industry and logistics park is committed to innovation as the backbone of those services.

Below we present four innovative initiatives we are developing in Barcelona.

Waste bin cleaning using ozone (patent filed with the Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office)

It is essential to clean and disinfect equipment and installations to ensure proper conditions in and around waste bins.

In view of this, one of the innovations being developed is a system for cleaning waste bins using ozone, a compound with disinfectant characteristics which make it a good option for achieving maximum disinfection, deodorisation and oxidation of waste bins. The system has theadvantage of being environmentally-friendly.

Waste bin anchor system (patent filed with the Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office)

In the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi area, an anchor system for rear-loading waste bins was developed to keep them from moving or tipping over. Although there is some vandalism, containers are mainly knocked over by wild boars, which are common in the area. In their search for food, the boars scatter the waste in the surrounding area, which leads to many unhappy neighbours. This system avoids these types of problems.


Waste bin expansion system (patent filed with the Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office)

This project is based on the fact that normal waste bins are insufficient to handle the waste generated during multitudinous events, which poses a serious problem for cleaning up afterwards.

Ferrovial Servicios developed the PAE waste bin, designed specifically for events that draw large crowds; the prototype was tested during the La Mercè festivities in 2012. The design allows conventional waste bin storage capacity to be expanded up to five-fold using four bags held by iron rings. The rings can be installed around existing waste bins quickly and easily.

Silentruck Project

Several innovation initiatives are being rolled out in cities based on operating excellence (efficiency), service quality (indicators) and environmental sustainability. One of the initiatives in the prototype phase is Silentruck: noise attenuation system for waste collection vehicles.

Silentruck uses a wave generator to attenuate the noise produced by the truck’s engine and moving parts.

Written by Xavier Mauri Orriols the 11 de Diciembre de 2014

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