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6 ways to develop your innovate spirit

17 of February of 2015

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs

For over 60 years, Ferrovial has been implementing new ways of doing things in order to transform the infrastructures and services of the 21st century. Here you can find some tips of how to innovate in your own area of responsibility:

  1. Identify the challenges: Devote time to reflect on the operation of your position or department.
  2. Generate solutions: think of all possible options.
  3. Share your ideas: Other points of view will enrich your initial ideas.
  4. Select the solution with greater potential.
  5. View all possible obstacles as challenges to overcome
  6. Prototyping: check whether an idea is good.

Also, in Ferrovial we focus our efforts on developing technologies applied to the construction of infrastructure, transport, municipal services, water, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Learn more about our innovation projects and Zuritanken if you don’t know about it yet!

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