NTE, a cutting-edge toll road

12 of February of 2015

The world in which we live faces great challenges in the management of infrastructures – increased urban population, congestion and pollution problems, energy efficiency, and sustainability -. Challenges faced by Ferrovial day after day, with the strong commitment to support and improve the communities where it operates. The NTE is one more example of that commitment.

Ferrovial inaugurated in Texas the NTE, a last generation motorway with flexible roads, dynamic lanes, express tolls and managed lanes. Different names for the same solution that not only provides security, easy flow and innovation in our movements, but it also benefits and supports the communities where it operates.

Located in the area of Dallas-Fort Worth – the fourth most populated metropolitan area in the US, the sixth most developed economic area in the country and the tenth in the world -, the improvements on the motorway were a challenge for the state of Texas. The objective was to optimise the average time for movements in a congested route, maintaining the open corridor to traffic.

This infrastructure will influence the local economy, because in an area like Texas, where distances are measured in time, and with a corridor such as the NTE, which has been working for many years at its highest capacity, the businesses and industries in the area suffered from lack of mobility. Now, with the capacity nearly doubled, we believe more businesses will be set up in the areas close to the motorway, that house prices will go up because of the ease of access and, in general, that the area’s economy will improve considerably.

Compromiso con la comunidad

We have been very proactive in our communication with the neighbours and the businesses in the area to minimise the impact that our activity could have on them. The construction work was not easy for the residents due to the inaccessibility of the ramps and the speed-limit reduction during the works.

Moreover, both the concession holder and the construction JV participated in an initiative devoted to improving the level of sciences and maths of secondary students in order to increase the students’ access to Advanced Placement courses and improve their test results, which are related to the university outcome. In order to do this, nearly half a million dollars were donated over five years.

In Cintra we have a long-term commitment to support the communities where we operate. This program has been successful all across the country and we believe that it is a good investment that aims to educate and prepare the next generation of engineers and leaders. Funds have also been donated to family support centres and foundations focused on education.

The NTE, awarded

The NTE will not only alleviate congestion and improve safety in one of the country’s fastest development areas, the project will also optimise the efficiency of the road network, offering drivers a quick option during heavy congestion hours, as managed lanes have been added to the normal lanes.


This example of smart infrastructure, which not only contributes to the local economy and to the protection of the environment, but also improves the quality of life of users, is the beginning of a new era in the design of roads. Thus, the NTE was awarded by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA-TDF) the ARTBA Globe.

This project will undoubtedly establish Cintra as one of the leaders of the infrastructure sector in the US, because both the NTE and the LB1 are of great importance for the country and will set an example to be followed by other public authorities.”

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