Publicada el 11 de Marzo de 2015

Last week for the World Energy Efficiency Day, Media Markt presented the Decalogue on Smart Consumer Appliance week. There are practical and simple tips to follow in order to save energy and money in the daily consumption of appliances.

1. Find out about energy labeling

When shopping for an appliance look good on your energy labeling which indicate the characteristics, their efficiency, noise and water consumption. The letter A (Class A) indicates that the appliance uses up to 30% less electricity so its higher price can be quickly repaid.

2. Screens T.V. monitors and more efficient computers

Between television and computer we spend around 12.2% and 75  of the total energy of a home. The LED and OLED consume less. It is recommended to turn them off completely while they are not in use.

3. Quick Wash and cold

We recommend using the washer machine with economic programs, filling it to the fullest and cold (90% of the energy consumed by a washer is for heating the water).

4. Save in the kitchen

Glass ceramics, gas or induction hobs? Better, the latter. They have the capacity to adapt to the container, so that only the necessary energy is supplied to reduce power consumption. Its price is higher but if the kitchen is used daily they are amortized in no time. If you turn off the heat for 5 minutes before finishing, food will cook with residual heat in order to save energy.

5. Efficient lighting

¿Traditional bulbs? No thanks! Llow-consumption bulbs reduce by 80% less and last up to 8 times more. We recomend to usually clean the bulbs because when gather dust more time is needed to warm up – consuming more energy – and always turn off the lights when you leave the room.

6. The appliances also consume off-mode

Many appliances continue to consume the same (or more!) Off or in sleep mode. However, others not.


The air conditioned home should be directed towards the northwest and / or in a shaded area, always with clean filters.

8. Refrigerator

Try to always look fo refrigerators labeled with the letter A. Avoid keeping the door open for long. With hot food, let them cool before storing in the refrigerator. Thaw also passing food from the freezer to the refrigerator.

9. Fill the dishwasher

The dishwasher is always packed and with a cheaper program to optimize the consumption of water (heated to a moderate temperature).

10. Everyday

These tips should be part of the routine for all family members.

Written by Juan Royo for Tucasa + blog, where you can find current issues regarding energy efficiency

Written by Juan Royo the 11 de Marzo de 2015 con las etiquetas: Emissions reductions Energy efficiency Fight against pollution Sustainability

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