Publicada el 4 de Mayo de 2015

Imagine that a waiter calls the restaurant where he works to say that he can’t come; or that a hotel needs urgent reinforcements for the cleaning team because it has received an avalanche of unexpected bookings; or that, in a shop, the only assistant falls ill and urgently needs someone to cover for him… these and many other similar situations happen every day: jobs that are not covered, services that are not rendered and millions of professionals in the vicinity of many of these companies who are available and ready to work.

At Worktoday, in a quick and easy way, we try to connect service-sector businesspeople with professionals, matching up job supply and demand in less than 5 minutes from a mobile.

We are one of the start-ups shortlisted in the Pasion>ie programme tutored by Ferrovial. For us, Pasion>ie has been a huge boost. Thanks to their support, which has involved training, visibility and great advice, we have succeeded in reaching our initial goals, far exceeding our expectations in regard to the programme. The possibility of meeting up face to face with major companies such as Ferrovial and to obtain their feedback has undoubtedly enriched this ongoing project and given it substantial added value.

Worktoday is a free mobile app available from Google Play and App Store, aimed at companies that need to deal with staff crises and unforeseen events in their business; and at professionals (unemployed, part-time workers or students) with experience in the service sector who want to work while deciding when, where and with whom in order to make some extra income. More than 5,000 users and more than 150 businesses are already benefiting from this app.

Through the mobile app we have developed, you can find an extrajob in only five clicks! We already have some success cases and can boast about them, such as the young man who found work barely half an hour after having downloaded the app.

How does it work?

It’s very easy. First, the company posts what Worktoday calls an Extrajob (offer by the hour). In only 5 clicks the offer goes out to thousands of professionals. Second, the app begins to work and divulges the Extrajob only to candidates who meet the requested requirements and are near enough to join immediately. Of the candidates who accept the offer, the business owner can see how long it takes them to arrive at the job location, their professional experience and the references from other businesspeople.

It is important to emphasise that Worktoday is an app with two-directional references. We reward professional excellence and want the merit of both sides, both candidates and businesses, to be recognised.

The service sector in Spain is the driving force of our economy. Worktoday is a tool for advancing efficiency in businesses and to allow them to respond quickly to unforeseen staffing events. In Spain alone, absenteeism costs 55,000M€ per year in lost service-providing opportunities.

This is why at the Worktoday team we have a clear goal: to make sure that service-sector businesses do not lose a single euro when there are professionals available around them whom they can contact very quickly.

At the same time, professionals who have seen their working hours reduced, the unemployed, students… through Worktoday they can obtain extra income to top up their finances. It is a source of pride for us that through Worktoday there are good professionals out there who have the opportunity of increasing their income whenever they wish.



Written by Álvaro Curiel the 4 de Mayo de 2015 con las etiquetas: App Human resources Innovation Internet Internet of Things

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