Publicada el 3 de Junio de 2015

The Zuritanken awards are an innovation-centric initiative where employees contribute new ideas aimed at improving the way Ferrovial operates. Below we highlight two of the finalists in the Toll Roads challenge.

Check out the video in which the finalists of the Toll Road challenge in the Ferrovial Innovation Awards 2014 talk about their ideas and the experience.

Using “big data” to ascertain users’ habits and customs

Zuritankeners Raúl, María Elvira, Gerardo, Rafael and Alberto proposed an idea based on “big data”. By trawling through masses of data from social media, forums and blogs, the goal is to ascertain users’ opinions of the company’s toll roads and those of its competitors.

The goal is to obtain a measurable view of how users perceive Cintra’s toll roads and those of its rivals and use this information to make strategic decisions.

“Being a Zuritankener is recognising our capacity to innovate and our business vision. This initiative is an outlet for ideas that might otherwise be ignored,” said the team.

‘Time is money’ – communicating toll road service competitiveness to users

Shakir and Rick focused on compiling data on road usage, captured via users’ GPS navigators and smartphones, to give drivers information about traffic conditions. The project also includes a real-time comparison of traffic conditions on all the routes available to the user so as to offer the alternative with the best traffic flow.

All this information would be compiled in an app that would inform users about road conditions, alternative routes and the times when traffic is lowest, all in real time.

Data on transit times can be used in advertising campaigns to capture potential users.

“Zuritankener means to be curious, ambitious and innovative. We are proud that our company values innovative ideas. We are delighted to have had this experience and that our idea is among the finalists,” said the creators.

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