portada almanaque agroman 1957

The Agroman Almanac, a homage to the publication’s best front covers

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30 of December of 2015

When the end of each year arrives, in our minds we go over how the past 365 days have treated us; whether there has been more laughter than tears, whether all our dreams have come true and whether we have achieved all the goals we set ourselves. And there, before us, is a blank calendar waiting to be filled with new things. We are taking a trip down memory lane to revisit the Agroman Almanac, which from 1941 until 1987 gave us a glimpse into the coming year as well as reviewing the one that had just ended: it forecast the weather, the stages of the moon, eclipses, chronology, as well as the year’s journey according to the horoscope. Furthermore, it recapped the best projects and milestones of the previous year, and filled its pages with funny cartoons by such mythical comedy cartoonists as Forges or Mingote, who the reader could take as winner in the Annual Paleta Agromán Awards.

29 years after the final publication, and taking advantages of the year’s end, we are paying tribute to this relic with collector’s value with a selection of the best covers.

The best covers of the Agroman Almanac

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