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A decade on YouTube for Ferrovial

10 of January of 2017

10YouTube is one of the most diverse places on the internet with over one billion users which equates to over a third of the entire population of the Internet. Every day across the globe people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos on all kinds of topics.

Here at Ferrovial we have been present on YouTube since 2006. We first launched our YouTube channel on December the 9th, 2006 and relaunched in May 2008 to celebrate Internet Day 2008 (Día del Internet), which takes place annually on May 17th. Internet Day demonstrates the possibilities presented by new technologies, showing how this can help to improve people’s standards of living.

10 years on since we first opened our YouTube channel, we now have almost 400 videos uploaded and 421,419 views, a figure which is increasing week by week. Our video content includes regular video features such as monthly news summaries and videos with leading company figures discussing the financial results. We also have videos about the opening of new projects and giving users detailed answers to questions such as “How is asphalt made”?

To celebrate a decade on YouTube, we’d like to share with you 12 of our favourite videos from the channel. We hope you enjoy them! And if you’ve still not subscribed to our YouTube account click here to do so!

Here’s our pick of our favourite videos…


HANDS is our tribute to all the Ferrovial employees who work hard every day across the globe to deliver the best service possible. It shows our workers going about their day to day routine whether this be cleaning floors in a hospital, installing a new railway line or operating a crane.

Up in the air

I see a great round wonder rolling through the air...”  Imagine being able discover a company from the air – the video “Up in the air” flies over the main assets of Ferrovial and the cities where we operate, all to the verses of the great Walt Whitman’s – Salut au Monde.

Viaducto de Erques (Erques Viaduct)

One of the most popular videos on our YouTube channel, with over 23,000 views to date is this video all about the construction of the Erques viaduct. The Erques viaduct is a project that converted a dream into a reality, with the construction of an arch shaped bridge over the Erques ravine in Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Ferrovial Innovation

Discover how we are responding to the Digital Revolution here at Ferrovial. This video looks at the emerging technologies that we are implementing in our projects such as Light for Glass and the benefits that they have for both and our customers and for Ferrovial as a company.


This video is a stunning exploration of the spectacular BioDome in Granada’s Science Park which was designed and built by Ferrovial Agroman. The BioDome is a large aqua terrarium covering 20,000 m3, which has the capacity to house 220 different species. It is a window on the biodiversity of our planet and also a space for research and development.

How it’s made: Baggage System

Heathrow’s Terminal 5 can handle up to a staggering 70,000 suitcases per day! Have you ever wondered what happens to your bags after you’ve checked them in? We fill you in in this video, taking you on a journey from the check in desk right up to the aircraft, interviewing Baggage Service Manager Chris Earley along the way.

Ferrovial, 60 years of intelligent infrastructure

To mark the 60th anniversary of Ferrovial back in 2013 we published a documentary about the history of the company, reviewing its main milestones such as its creation, the Purchase of BAA, the acquisition of Agroman and the 407 ETR concession in Canada. The video also reveals the origins of the company name.

Social Action

At Ferrovial we see investment in the Community as a strategic instrument for the development of society and of the areas in which we operate. This video looks at some of the different social action projects that Ferrovial has carried out, highlighting the number of people that have benefitted from each of these projects.

Sheffield Smart Lab

Sheffield Smart Lab is an exciting urban innovation project and the first of its type in the UK and internationally. This video explores the Smart Lab program which looks for innovative solutions to the challenges facing the city of Sheffield and its citizens, interviewing key figures involved in the program.

How it’s made: Desalination plant

Despite being known as the “blue planet”, only 1% of the earth’s water is fit for human consumption and many people in the world still don’t have access to safe drinking water.  This is where a desalination plant comes in. This video explores the desalination plants built by Ferrovial subsidiary Cadagua and explains how exactly they work.

LBJ Express: A Toll Road With Managed Lanes

This video looks at Ferrovial’s LBJ Express toll road project which uses cutting edge route design and technology to relieve traffic congestion in one of the USA’s most congested corridors. The project was opened last year and the construction work was completed 3 months ahead of schedule.

Scut Azores, a motorway in the Atlantic Ocean

Ferrovial Agroman constructed the Scut Azores highway that is currently being managed by Cintra, an incredible feat of engineering work due to its technical complexity. One of the greatest challenges of the project was the creation of the Ribera das Tres Voltas viaduct, this video explains why.

These are just some of the great videos that you can find on our YouTube channel!

For more videos head over to our page https://www.youtube.com/user/ferrovial


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