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Essential tips for improving work related road safety

26 of April of 2017

What is work related road safety?

When we think about road safety, we think about the government’s safety campaigns; not using our phones while driving, always wearing a seat belt, teaching children when and when not to cross the road. Of course, all of these road safety regulations are undeniably important, but given that 11% of work related accidents are cause by traffic, we have taken a look another area of this concept, occupational road safety.

Avoiding an accident

A work-related traffic accident can happen to employees during their working day or on their way to or from work, as long as the vehicle is in motion. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that in 2020, death and injury caused by motor vehicles will be one of the three largest causes of death worldwide. For this reason, at Ferrovial we are working on different initiatives and awareness measures to prevent traffic accidents that may affect not only our workers, but also users of our services and infrastructures. Therefore, in this infographic we give you some advice in order to enhance your awareness about road safety, both in your professional and personal life, because small changes can have a great impact!

work realted road safety ferrovcial


Find out more information about our Road Safety Plan.

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