recycling tips for recycling day 2017
Climate change

Celebrate International Recycling Day with these essential recycling tips

17 of May of 2017

Did you know that from 2010 to 2025, global waste production will increase to almost 3 million tons per day? Given these alarming statistics, it is important that we become aware and act individually to see the value of recycling and how this waste can be reconverted.

On May 17th every year, Recycling Day is celebrated, although it is something that we should celebrate every day. How? By being consistent, treating waste effectively and thus protect the environment and do our bit in the fight against climate change.

In order to help achieve this,we have prepared this practical guide with recycling tips where you can learn a little more about all the waste materials and how to differentiate them.

Our essential guide of recycling tips

recycling tips infographic

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