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10 of May of 2017

We’re not saying anything you didn’t already know if we argue that water is essential for life. The media are always describing how scientists and engineers the world over are looking for water on other planets in order to confirm whether there may be life beyond Earth.

Water in figures

Let’s start with ourselves: the human body is 70% water, and we use water every single day of our lives. We need an average of between 50 to 100 litres of water per day, considering 50 litres an intermediate amount and 100 litres optimal access per person per day.

Although water is the most abundant resource on the planet, only 3% is fresh water, of which just 1% is available for drinking. This means 1% of drinking water for a world population of 7.4 billion (as at December 2016); where 663 million people have no access to drinking water and[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] it is estimated that the global demand for water will increase by 50% by 2030.[/inlinetweet]

It is therefore not surprising that we all turn the spotlight on this vital resource which affects the whole of the world population. We do so by disseminating information on the water crisis and how it affects the population; as well as by implementing engineering projects. To learn more about water, about the projects that NGOs are carrying out, or about water management and treatment, innovation and the future of this precious resource from experts on the issue, there are numerous blogs and media around the world focusing on water. Make sure you read them!

The nine water blogs you should follow


WaterAid is an international organisation which aims to transform the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable people through improving access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. In their blog you can read articles and editorials regarding their policies and practices and the projects they carry out. They cover different issues, from water projects in rural areas of Asia or Africa, to advocating on the rights of transgender students to go to the toilet.


This is a Spanish language publication on water management. Its aim is to provide information and promote debate amongst those concerned about the issue of water. Their website keeps you up to date on news, events, courses and even employment opportunities in relation to water. Their blog invites comments from experts in the field, and publishes numerous stories by a large variety of experts from both Spain and Latin America.

One of Hollywood’s most famous actors, Matt Damon, is also one of the most committed to saving the planet, and co-founder of Their website and social networks provide information on their projects, as well as being a source of general information on sanitation, the role of women and children, related illnesses, the economy and the water crisis.

We are water

The We Are Water foundation is an initiative established by the multinational sanitary ware company Roca. Their website provides information on the Social Corporate Responsibility projects they are working on, as well as interesting articles on access to water, treatment of waste water, drought, the role of women on water and other issues.

The Guardian, Global Development

The British newspaper The Guardian is generally committed to social and environmental causes, which it supports through its Global Development department.  Though dealing with different development issues, water is also one of its concerns. Reading their articles is an effective way of learning about these issues.

UN Water

This United Nations agency has a strong voice on water, and is the body charged with setting and determining standards per country. The UN Water website provides information on the agenda for each year’s theme on water, activities, campaigns, news and events, statistics and publications. It is an important source of information and research carried out by world experts. There is also a section on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set within the framework of Agenda 2030.

World Bank: The Water Blog

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) together with the International Development Association (IDA) set up a foundation for helping poor developing countries in 1944 with the aim of helping reconstruction in Europe following the Second World War. This gave rise to the World Bank. It covers a wide range of development issues, with water playing a key role. Read specific news and articles on sanitation, management of water resources, water in agriculture and hydropower.

Water engineering

This site specialises in information on water treatment, providing a unique perspective on the management and treatment of the resource. The site provides news, interviews, articles and reports and information on legislation, centred exclusively on this issue and from a professional perspective.

El Blog del Agua [The Water Blog]

Although the last update was published in 2013, the name of the blog leaves no room for doubt. This website is formed by a group of experts in different areas who are “convinced of the importance of water, since life on our planet has developed from it”. Thus, there are articles on access to water, pollution, reuse, and suggestions for saving water, amongst others. The aim of the blog is to raise awareness on water issues.

Don’t hesitate to share with us other blogs or publications you may have found featuring water as an essential, vital resource for life!


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