Dynamic Pricing and the Price Tag | Episode 4

05 of February of 2021

Here is a question that you’ve probably asked yourself: is it possible to have a road where there is little to no congestion? A road where cars don’t get stuck in traffic? In 2008, Ferrovial and Cintra asked themselves that same question as they were about to build a new stretch of highway in Dallas that would aim to solve this problem. The answer? To dynamically price the road.

In this episode, we are looking at where dynamic pricing came from and why it’s cropping out in so many areas of the economy. We look at how one decision in the airline industry set the whole dynamic pricing ball in motion, what dynamic pricing on a highway actually looks like and how the concept of the price tag came about.

This episode of Sounds Like Infrastructure was produced by Craig Lawless and Kevin Garcia King. Original music and editing by Craig Lawless. If you liked this episode, share it with your friends or go to our channel to listen to other cool stories!

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