AIVIA and the Future of Smart Highways | Episode 15

24 of May of 2022

Imagine the highways of the future with faster drive times, fewer accidents and reliable, instant safety alerts that are navigated by a mixture of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). As vehicles are getting smarter, so as the roads in which they circulate in thanks to emergence of new technologies like 5G, C-V2X and real-time sensing which are being retrofitted into the existing infrastructure.

In this episode, Cintra’s Senior Innovation Manager, Jen Duthie, explains the concept of smart highways, using Cintra’s AIVIA Smart Roads initiative (Smart Roads Technology Solution – Cintra’s AIVIA ( as an example, together with the technologies around it and how mobility solutions like these will make our roads safer and more reliable for all users.

Sounds Like Infrastructure is a collaboration between Ferrovial and Veleta Media. Our team includes Craig Lawless, Kevin García King, José García Guaita, Arantxa Gulias, Bethany Ashcroft, Fátima Gracia de Vargas and Paloma González de Canales Díaz. Editing by Craig Lawless.

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