Can a City Really Run Out of Water? | Episode 13

22 of March of 2022

This World Water Day, we take a look at what cities across the world are doing to diversify their water supplies and make sure they don’t face their very own ‘Day Zero’ – the apocalyptical sounding event that threatened Cape Town in early 2018.

Peter Bailey guides us through Houston’s plan to diversify from groundwater and stop the city from sinking, and Eva Muñoz Manzanera explains how the Spanish city of Águilas is using desalination to help irrigate the region.

Sounds Like Infrastructure is a collaboration between Ferrovial and Veleta Media. Our team includes Craig Lawless, Kevin García King, José García Guaita, Arantxa Gulias, Bethany Ashcroft, Fátima García de Vargas and Paloma González de Canales Díaz. Editing by Craig Lawless.

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