Hurricane Season: How To Stay Prepared and Informed | Episode 18

27 of December of 2023

During the hurricane season in the Atlantic, a period that runs from June 1 to November 30 each year, the tropical cyclones that head towards the US and Caribbean coasts test the management and strength of all constructions and infrastructures. In this podcast episode the Meteorologist Albert Martinez explains how to predict the path of a hurricane and the deadlines citizens have to prepare for potential hazards. Edgar Acosta, Design Build Estimating Manager at Webber, and Daniel Morrow, Construction Manager at Webber, tell us how Hurricane Harvey impacted the Houston area in 2017 and how neighbors organized to help rebuild the damaged homes. We also hear from Paul Staton, Business Director at Webber, and Ryan McCalla, Vice President of Civil Works Operations at Webber, as they explain how engineering helps manage these emergencies, taking us through the Port Miami underwater tunnel and two large bridges near Houston, specially designed to facilitate evacuations and ensure the safety of the population.

Sounds of Infrastructure is a collaboration between Ferrovial and Yes We Cast. Our team includes Francisco Izuzquiza, Alberto Espinosa, Sergio F. Núñez, Luciano Branca, José García Guaita, Arantxa Gulias, Claudia Castañón Piqueras, Bethany Ashcroft and Fatima Gracia De Vargas.

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