Skyscrapers: Engineering Reaches New Heights | Episode 17

01 of August of 2023

We have always been struck by the incredible height of skyscrapers. Do you know how tall the tallest building in the world is? The current record is 2,717 feet, over half a mile. Nonetheless, we are sure that somewhere in the world, an even taller one is already being planned. Have you ever wondered how tall they are downwards? How many feet would they have had to build underground, to support such a height above? And how is the tallest building in the world built?

In this episode of Sounds Like Infrastructure, we dive, or rather climb, to the tallest building in the world. We want to discover what it takes to build a skyscraper and how they have evolved throughout history.

We are joined by Eduardo Ortega, head of the architecture department within the technical management of Ferrovial Construction, Benjamín Juárez, Director of safety, health and wellbeing at Ferrovial, and Jorge Iglesis, architect and professor at the University of Chile.

Sounds of Infrastructure is a collaboration between Ferrovial and Yes We Cast. Our team includes Francisco Izuzquiza, Alberto Espinosa, Sergio F. Núñez, Luciano Branca, Kevin Garcia King, José García Guaita, Arantxa Gulias, Claudia Castañón Piqueras, Amanda Loro, Bethany Ashcroft and Fatima Gracia De Vargas.

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