State-Of-The-Art Construction | Episode 16

01 of June of 2023

In 1765 the Scotsman James Watt invented the steam engine. In 4500 BC, humans from way back then invented the wheel. More than six thousand years of difference between one invention and the other, but both completely transformed society at the time and all that was to come. On a smaller scale, construction, engineering and architecture evolve thanks to the accumulation of experience and the arrival of new technologies that drive change.

In this episode of Sounds of Infrastructure, we delve into how innovation has pushed the wheel of evolution to keep turning: sustainability, digital development, new forms of construction worldwide… Various examples of how human beings keep reinventing themselves and guarantee progress.

Sounds of Infrastructure is a collaboration between Ferrovial and Yes We Cast. Our team includes Francisco Izuzquiza, Alberto Espinosa, Sergio F. Núñez, Luciano Branca, Kevin Garcia King, José García Guaita, Arantxa Gulias, Claudia Castañón Piqueras, Amanda Loro, Bethany Ashcroft and Fatima Gracia De Vargas.

In addition to the podcast, we have a great blog with so many more stories about infrastructure projects. If you enjoyed this episode, check out the other episodes on the official Ferrovial Podcast page. We also have a Spanish Podcast channel.

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