Emissions reductions

TEDS4BEE: Reducing the environmental impact by improving building energy efficiency.

29 of December of 2014

The TEDS4BEE European project is progressing satisfactorily. Whereas the focus in the previous six months, was on enhancing the EMMOS (Energy Management & Monitoring  Operational System) digital service and outfitting 15 buildings on a pilot basis, since July 2014 the project has centred on reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint. The Soto del Real swimming pool is one of the buildings where EMMOS has made it possible to reduce energy consumption by:

  • Compiling and analysing energy consumption data.
  • Proposing corrective measures.
  • Studying the impact of the corrective measures on energy consumption.

During the period, the project attained a milestone: the first meeting of stakeholders. The meeting, held in Madrid on 30 October, was chaired by Salvador Urquía; 34 experts on energy efficiency gave their opinion on the project’s progress.

In October, the consortium, headed by Ferrovial Services, held a meeting at which the project results to date were presented to the European Commission. In parallel, the specialist media such as Energías Renovables magazine reported on what the project and EMMOS have achieved.

There are just six months left until the project ends, and the focus must now be on quantifying the improvements achieved with the corrective measures and on extrapolating the data to get results for the overall project rather than for individual buildings, as has been done to date. The achievements, which will be announced at the project wrap-up conference, will reveal TEDS4BEE as a success in managing energy efficiency in buildings and as a tool for improving the environment. You are all invited!

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