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Committed to talent and its mobility

22 of April of 2015

In the race to attract the best professionals in which organisations are engaged, Ferrovial Services is committed to the new generations and their “talent”. By talent we understand the ensemble of characteristics or aptitudes a person possesses and which can be developed according to different variables, which in turn have a direct impact on the way they discharge their responsibilities.

According to Forbes magazine, one of the three priorities for CEOs of multinational companies is to safeguard talent management. In this regard, one of the keys to our Division’s success is the value contribution each one of us in the Division makes to it and which allows us to assist the company in achieving the leading position it occupies both nationally and internationally.

International Graduate Programme

We furthermore believe it is of great importance to have levers in place that favour the development of our professionals. One of these tools, which is completely aligned with the company’s strategy in the development of talent, was the launch of the International Graduate Programme, whose slogan is “Turn your passion into your career”.


In this project we seek to attract professionals with the potential to occupy key positions in the management of the business. Over a two-year period, the Graduates have the opportunity to learn about the company’s different areas through national and international rotations, in which they participate in relevant contracts within our business and learn about the workflows of the supporting departments.

Training itinerary, networking and cross-cultural workshop

They in turn have a training itinerary that has been designed by putting the focus on both technical training and on key skills for undertaking their present and future responsibilities. This is also a business trend in which networking and relations with cultures around the world are increasingly important. The graduates also participate in a Cross-Cultural workshop, which has the goal of making participants aware of the strategic importance of managing diversity within multicultural environments and its impact on the business and of how to reduce conflict caused by communicational aspects. It also allows them to broaden their knowledge of the functioning of the different cultures with which we interact within the organisation.

Another training chapter is the Drive your Career module, whose purpose is making the graduates acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for them to know which type of goals they want to achieve and how to reach them. At Ferrovial, one of the maxims in human resources is that employees should sow their own seed to later reap the results, translated into development actions. This is what this module teaches them.

Another leaver for development within the organisation is the Mentoring programme launched a few months ago. Graduates can benefit from this same scheme. The mentors are Ferrovial Servicios professionals belonging to the different areas of the company.

The first edition of the Programme was launched in October 2014 through the hiring of 14 graduates with six different nationalities. The recruitment phase of the second edition is underway during these few weeks and will be launched in October.

Humility, flexibility and tolerance of uncertainty

The technical capabilities demanded for a particular position within the organisation are relatively easy to acquire, but the most important qualities we are looking for in this type of professional goes beyond the strictly academic aspect.

Qualities such as humility, flexibility and tolerance of uncertainty are indispensable for someone who wishes to participate in this programme. We are of course looking for people who like to work in a team, who are capable of generating an impact and exercising influence, who are results- and customer-oriented and who have a high capacity for hard work; but above all we are looking for people who are motivated and excited by the project, who dream of belonging to a great company and who want to “Turn their passions into their careers

Commitment to talent mobility: new initiatives

According to a study published by the consultancy Lee Hecht Harrison (Talent in Movement. Best “Talent Mobility” Practices. 2014), leading organisations today dedicate more attention than ever to talent mobility. This new trend reflects a more exhaustive planning strategy in professional staff and responds to an approach that encompasses talent movement and its management process, taking into account all projects and the people responsible for them, the teams, departments and locations of an organisation. The International Graduate Programme is 100% aligned with this trend, as those who have recently joined after coming from the company’s different subsidiaries are developing the necessary capabilities to enable them to occupy management positions in any business anywhere in the world where we are present.

In line with this talent mobility strategy, Ferrovial also has other initiatives such as the ‘Secondment’ programme that allows employees, for a specific period of time, to enjoy an experience in another department, another geographic area or even performing different functions from their habitual ones. Also noteworthy is the ‘Business Pass’ initiative, a project that brings Ferrovial Servicios employees to the business through planned tours of the most relevant contracts. Lastly we should mention the‘Discovery Programme’ initiative, which consists of an induction to a department or company during a short period of time for the transfer of knowledge and good practices.


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