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Innovation Challenge in Airports: Improve airport efficiency and the passenger experience

27 of May of 2015

The Zuritanken awards are an innovation-centric initiative where employees contribute new ideas aimed at improving the way Ferrovial operates. Below we highlight two of the finalists in the Airports challenge.

Ferrovial Airports announced a challenge: “Propose innovative initiatives which improve the efficiency of our airports, “do less with more” and/or enhance the passenger experience”. The two Zuritankener finalists presented the innovative solutions described below.

Noise Energy (N2E) captures the sound and transform it into energy

Antonio, Arturo and Begoña presented this idea based on a membrane vibration system which saves energy costs and reduces CO2 emissions at airports.

This system is placed at the noisiest locations in an airport to capture the sound and transform it into energy, which can be used in multiple ways, such as for lighting runways.

This idea takes advantage of a negative aspect of the airport, namely noise, to achieve a positive effect on the infrastructure’s operations, positioning Ferrovial as a company that is committed to the community and its environment.

According to the Noise to Energy finalists, “Being a Zuritankener is an opportunity to improve things, but it also represents a responsibility to our teams and the company—to consider that there is always a Zuritanken solution to any problem”.

Advertisement inserts for X-ray Trays

The idea, developed by Andrew, involves placing ads in X-ray trays at the airport’s security screening.

This initiative will increase airport revenues, and it will also inform passengers about the services available at the airport.

“A Zuritankener is someone who enjoys their job and who is looking for the next challenge and a way to solve problems. It’s good to work for a company that really looks to its people for ideas and it’s encouraged me, whenever I come up with something, to put it forward, knowing that the company will listen,” he said.

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