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Innovation Challenge in Construction: Enhance on-site safety and respect the environment

29 of May of 2015

The Zuritanken awards are an innovation-centric initiative where employees contribute new ideas aimed at improving the way Ferrovial operates. Below we highlight two of the finalists in the Construction challenge.

Ferrovial Agroman announced a challenge: “Propose innovative ideas which enable Ferrovial Agroman to remain a leader in its commitment to safety at work and respect for the environment, and help it attain the highest standards in the market.” Our fellow Zuritankeners presented two projects which we share in greater detail below.

WPP (Warning Presence of People)

After various group dynamic sessions, Jaime Reig, Xabel Sánchez, Angélica Álvarez, José Carlos Martínez, David Rodríguez and Víctor Arias, all Ferrovial Agroman employees, created “WPP (Warning Presence of People), a warning system for machinery operators using lights and sound”, to avoid accidents involving pedestrians at work centres.

“We were looking for ideas to solve the challenge. Each of us shared our ideas with the group, and then together we came up with WPP, Warning Presence of People, to mitigate the risk of on-site pedestrian collisions”, said the team members.

WPP is based on the implementation of a device which allows the operator to emit a light and sound via a small emitter-receiver. The machinery driver receives the signal in the cabin, warning him or her that a pedestrian is nearby. The driver then pushes a button in the cabin that sends a signal to the pedestrian’s device. That way both parties have been warned, and workplace accidents can be avoided.

“Being a Zuritankener is a way of taking your day-to-day, looking at problems and finding an innovative solution. As a result of these awards, the ideas that arise at work can be shared and put into practice, adding value to the company”, said the winners.

Health and Safety “on hand”

Claudia Juncal’s idea is to use a smart bracelet which identifies each operator’s qualifications and approvals with a view to enabling them to use machinery and access restricted areas. The bracelet would also inform the employee about training requirements, medical information, and certification to work with hazardous materials.

This project aims to improve the access management system and monitor employees’ safety and training with a view to avoiding workplace accidents.

“A Zuritankener is someone who is imaginative, who pushes the limits, who goes beyond what we think is possible, and really goes for it. I am extremely proud to be part of a company that creates a platform for employees to contribute to innovation from the inside”, said Claudia.

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