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Energy efficiency: from words to action

06 of November of 2016

A real commitment to energy efficiency cannot simply be nourished by good intentions, but rather with concrete actions. There is little point in moving in the right direction if, at the moment of truth, results fall short. Moreover, energy efficiency can, and should, be measured. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to some of the multiple variables that may confirm the success (or otherwise) of any initiatives developed.

An interesting case study is offered by the city of Bilbao. The Bilbao municipality has established a public-private partnership (PPP) with the company Ferroser to bring the very best energy efficiency practices to sports facility maintenance and upkeep.

This type of agreement signifies two major developments for the city:

– Firstly, the use of new technologies and efficiency criteria makes it possible for the council to cut costs dramatically, resulting in budget savings of 25% over estimates.

– Secondly, investments aimed at improving the facilities also bring about additional benefits in terms of achieving important energy-related objectives. These include a 38% reduction in gas consumption and 15% for electricity. In fact, the agreement will lead to carbon dioxide emissions from these facilities decreasing by more than 2,000 tons annually. In addition, vehicles used for maintenance include electric cars, vans, etc., which run on biofuel.

¿Las recetas para conseguir estos resultados? Invertir en mejoras relacionadas de los sistemas de control, implantar un plan de medida y verificación de ahorros, estudiar la calificación energética de los edificios, implantar los sistemas de producción de energía más eficientes y desarrollar instalaciones de cogeneración, especialmente eficaces en instalaciones deportivas.

Conforme el proyecto vaya asentándose, la totalidad del consumo de energía primaria procederá de fuentes renovables. Al final del día, In short, the challenge now is to move from words to action, putting energy efficiency at the service of cities and citizens. Through implementing innovative solutions, municipalities can save citizens money and service performance improves without adversely affecting the commitment to the environment.

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