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13 urban Instagram photographers worth following

23 of February of 2017

If you are frequent visitor to our Ferrovial Blog, you’re bound to know that we are big fans of urban photography. Given the huge success of our #UrbanPeek competition, which drew in over 7,000 entries, we have gathered that our followers also have a great affiliation with capturing urban landscapes and sharing their images with the world. We have compiled a list of 13 Instagram profiles from 13 cities across the world which feature amazing urban architecture worth checking out. We chatted with these 13 photographers and asked them how they would describe their work in three words. In addition, they explained a bit about their creative process and how they have been influenced by their urban settings. Whether it be Beirut or Barcelona, each photographer has used their profile to exhibit the same diversity as the city in which they are based.

13 urban Instagram photographers from 13 cities

@dannyzappa from São Paolo, Brazil- ‘Minimal, mobile photography

“Well, my hometown São Paulo is known for being an immense grey metropolis, with boring architecture and very little colour displayed around town. In fact it’s all true, but that’s just the first layer of the city. If you look closely, with another perspective upon things, you’ll discover a different “reality” that has always been sitting there! And this is how I choose to see the city. Filled with colourful patterns, beautiful repetitions, contrasts, textures and incredible material to photograph”.

City Patterns #FachadasDeSP A post shared by Danny Zappa (@dannyzappa) on

@macenzo from Amsterdam, The Netherlands- ‘Shapes, form, layout’

“Having a history in graphic design made me love to capture the ‘lines of the city’, and I often use the power of repetition to create a rhythm pleasant to the eye. I am now one of the founding members of @SeeMyCity, an international city marketing initiative based on advanced and creative mobile photography and social media”.

Color & Shine . #Hilversum #SeeMyCity #Architecture A post shared by Dirk Bakker (@macenzo) on

@serjios from Beirut, Lebanon- ´Narrative, abstract, composition’

“Many of my  photographs feature the workers who live inside the building which they a’Gre constructing, and I finds this concept of temporary states very interesting. I like to think that it is possible, in a single image, to bridge the gap between art, architecture and reality”.

A post shared by serjios ♦️ (@serjios) on

@jaspertejano from Manila, The Philippines- ‘Minimal, engaging, distinct’

“My urban photos feature a juxtaposition of silhouettes of people carrying out their everyday ‘human’ activities (walking, concentrating on their phone or carrying umbrellas) against the backdrop of very urban settings. They mostly present a simple message or story. The primary elements in the frame are always distinct and often complimented by the details of the background”. He also manages the profile @the.misadventures, full of photos of cities and their people.

Makati 2016 A post shared by Street Photography Studies (@jaspertejano) on

@eddga from Mexico City, Mexico- ‘Realistic, vibrant, spontaneous’

“The base of my photography is to take pictures in Mexico´s many colourful towns, capturing daily life of people and showing the day-to-day of their lives. I like to use vibrant colours to emphasize the warmth of the setting to those looking at my photos”.

The colorful towns in Mexico #whppostcard Snapchat ? eddgaig A post shared by Eduardo Gómez (@eddga) on

@typicalplan from Hong Kong- ‘Accidental, architectural, aesthetics’

“I like to focus on the unsightly and ignored but nonetheless crucial aspects of a city. I strive to find beauty in the mundane, in the surreal and fascinating juxtapositions occurring in the urban environment that we often have grown oblivious to”.

On top of the roof (but) Under cover A post shared by TypicalPlan (@typicalplan) on

@lerichti from Zurich, Switzerland- ‘Geometry, straight lines’

“I see myself just as a photographer, not as an artist. Through my urban photos, I want to show the work of architects and try to understand exactly what they wanted to express with their designs. That’s why I always mention the architects of the building in my description, as well as the construction year and location”.

@barrut from Barcelona, Spain- ´Peaceful, fragile, mysterious’

Barrut likes to have fun, both with the camera and the subjects. “I enjoy finding secret places, though it is difficult in Barcelona. I still can get lost in my city and that’s a wonderful feeling. My photography of the city is intimate. I don’t like putting the camera close to the subject, I love to see him/her living in that environment”.

Júlia and her favourite hat. A post shared by Albert (@barrut) on

@camasyc from Toronto, Canada- ‘Geometrical, human habits’

“My photos can probably be described as the geometrical presentation of the fragments from human habitats. When shooting, I try to look for visually pleasing shapes, lines, colours and urban settings that surround us in urban settings”.

The lives of others A post shared by Yuksel Camas (@camasyc) on

@mbvee from Rotterdam, The Netherlands-‘Diagonal, minimal, patterns’

“I have always been fascinated by modern architecture, with its strong lines and geometrical shapes. I love exploring the urban environment and am always on the lookout for interesting patterns, diagonals and leading lines to capture with my lens”.

@cimkedi from Istanbul, Turkey- ‘Minimalist, vibrant, optimistic’

At the beginning I was capturing moments from urban spaces, but now I’m repurposing the urban space to use them as backdrops of my little personal stories which take place in my imaginary/inner world. I’m occasionally trying to reflect myself into my photographs in the most positive way possible by using bright colours, vibrant tones and humorous themes”.

The Foreman A post shared by Yener Torun (@cimkedi) on

@crisgravin from Munich, Germany- ‘Genuine, meticulous, vibrant’

“My main theme is architecture, with a special focus on staircases. For every photo, I take great care in alignment when choosing my point of view, so that no detail is lost in my final composition”.

Topsy-turvy #koelscheecken A post shared by Cris Gravin | Munich based (@crisgravin) on

@v14zco from Bilbao, Spain- ‘Geometry, scale, space’

“Nowadays my photos are focused mostly on architecture and dwell on the graphic elements that can be found in it, such as lines, geometric shapes, patterns, etc, which I employ in my compositions by exploiting their symmetries, scale ratios, directions and perspectives, allowing me to achieve the graphic style that gives my work meaning”.

To the other side of the sky. #??✨ #lookingupbilbao #bilbaoarchitecture #symmetrykillers • A post shared by VΞL▲ZCO (@v14zco) on

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