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Introducing Ferrovial's latest podcast "Sounds Like Infrastructure"

18 of March of 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast “Sounds Like Infrastructure”. Each episode will reveal the stories and secrets behind some of our biggest infrastructure projects around the world. Through the words of company experts and industry professionals, we want to tell you these stories in a fresh and engaging way.

The first episode focuses on the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a crucial infrastructure project in London. To help combat the foul smell in the city, a network of underground sewers was created. They were a huge success but today they’re at full capacity and the Thames is at risk of pollution. Check out our first episode to discover how Ferrovial Agroman is working as part of a joint venture to build the central part of what is known as the Thames Tideway super sewer.  

Episode 1: Down by the River

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