Looking for Inspiration? These are Today's Best Sustainability Blogs

04 of January of 2022

Living more sustainably can seem complicated. It involves changing habits, looking for alternatives to the most common products, and changing up many customs in our day-to-day lives. However, it’s also a very engaging process that’s full of challenges and discoveries.

Plus, you don’t have to start from scratch. Many people have taken this path before and have kindly shared their advice and experiences. Here are the most interesting and inspiring sustainability blogs of today:

Vivir sin plástico (Living Without Plastic)

When Patri and Fer decided to start living without single-use plastics, it didn’t take long for them to see the difficult challenge that lay ahead. Everything around them was a challenge: the supermarket, shops, bars, and even pharmacies were, and are, full of plastic. However, they didn’t give up. “We fell off the wagon repeatedly, but we kept at it and learned how to get around almost everything,” they say on their website.

Today, their blog Vivir sin plástico (Living Without Plastic) is a reference for learning to do without this material. Their posts also go beyond giving advice to answer all kinds of questions. Where is each material recycled? What impact does fast fashion have? How much trash does Amazon generate? And so on and so forth. Vivir sin plástico is undoubtedly an essential resource for leading a more sustainable life.

La Ecocosmopolita

Yve Ramírez’s blog discusses social and environmental sustainability, responsible consumption, and inspiring projects. This is a universe of ideas on figuring out how to buy, eat, travel, and generally live more sustainably.

La Ecocosmopolita starts out from a very particular perspective: that of someone who wants to lead a sustainable life living in a big city. Through her posts, Yve Ramírez shows that this is possible.

Animal de isla (Island Animal)

Image from the Animal de isla blogImage from the Animal de isla blog (Animal de isla)

“I could say that this blog is like my notebook for observing life on Earth,” Mariana writes on her blog. In it, she talks about the issues that she considers important (and practically all are related to taking care of ourselves – that is, ourselves as humans and our planet).

Animal de isla discusses and reflects on ecology, animals, feminism, responsible consumption, creativity, education, waste, the environment, and a long list of other topics. Everything on the blog is Mariana’s: from the texts to the photos and even the illustrations.


Esturirafi’s blog is the perfect place to lose yourself in recipes, zero-waste products, healthy habits, articles on ecology, and general inspiration for a healthy life. Sisters Rut and Nair are behind the site. Since 2014, they’ve been sharing advice for leading an “eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy” lifestyle.

Like Vivir sin plástico, they offer many options to do without plastic in practically every area of our homes and our lives. There are so many that, years ago, their readers began to ask them where they could find the products they were writing about. Thus, Esturirafi’s online store was born to complement the blog.

Carro de combate (Tank)

Although their usual thing is investigative journalism, journalists Nazaret Castro, Laura Villadiego, Aurora Moreno, and Brenda Chávez also share their concerns and reflections on responsible consumption on the blog Carro de Combate (Tank).

Products in a supermarketProducts in a supermarket. Scott Warman (Unsplash)

Carro de Combate serves as a reference for all of us who want to know what impact the products we consume have and where they come from. There’s everything from clothing to food, including water, paper, and plastics. Their books and reports are quite interesting for delving into the subject of responsible, sustainable consumption.

La crónica verde (The Green Chronicle)

On La crónica verde, geographer, naturalist, and journalist César-Javier Palacios reviews the most interesting topics and news on the environment. Climate change, green projects, and natural destinations are some of the topics covered by this blog, and animals are given particular importance.

The objective of this space, says César-Javier Palacios, is to spread his passion for nature “through a blog that aims to be an observatory with a critical eye on the passing of life.”

La recolectora (The Gatherer)

The name of this site is a play on three factors in Spanish: the R from recycling, eco for sustainable life, and lector or reader, given the author’s love of literature. All together, we have La recolectora, The Gatherer, a blog where Irene Gijón’s great passions come together. In her posts, she talks about recycling, sustainable living, and environmentalism, among many other topics.

Irene Gijón defines herself as someone who tries to lead a sustainable life in the 21st century, with all that this entails. Over time, she has learned to care for the Earth, and she shares how she has done so in her blog posts.

Snail on a branchSnail on a branch. Pavienko (Unsplash)

Productor de sostenibilidad (Sustainability Producer)

Again, this is a blog about the problem of waste. The thing is, though there are more topics to address, Productor de sostenibilidad (Sustainability Producer) primarily covers plastic. It discusses the material’s impact on nature, legislation, and limitations on recycling, for instance.

Alberto Vizcaíno is behind Productor de sostenibilidad; he’s an environmentalist who specializes in sustainable development (and is the author of books like ‘Contenedor amarillo S.A.’  – ‘Blue Bin, Ltd.’). This blog sheds light on his reflections, and it has a lot of interesting information about the reality of waste management and sustainability.

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