A day in the life of one of our airports

12 of July of 2016

Every day, thousands of passengers transit the terminals of the various airports in our portfolio. Take Heathrow, for example: 205,000 people walk through its terminals every day, making it the third largest airport in Europe in terms of passenger numbers, and one of the ten busiest airports in the world. A hive of activity, where our teams and staff strive to provide excellent service and a unique passenger experience, all of which makes for impressive numbers which speak for themselves on the challenges posed by the daily management of an airport.

Take Heathrow again: on average, 26,000 cups of tea, 6,500 pints of beer and 6,500 sandwiches are served in its terminals every 24 hours, and about 20,171 units of the popular Toblerone chocolate bar are sold. And what about the 1,050 bottles of champagne opened, or the 3,013 bottles of whisky which fly every day to one of the 183 destinations served by Heathrow?

Good connectivity and ease of transit is one of Southampton’s strong points. Passengers need walk only 99 steps to reach the check-in area from the airport train station. A station that connects Southampton to the centre of London in only 66 minutes.

Discover more interesting facts about a day in the life of our our assets through our infographics “Fun facts about our passengers’ journey”.
a day in the life of our airports fun facts

Fun facts about our passenger’s journey

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