Publicada el 5 de Enero de 2017

Every day, Instagram users take pictures of buildings, airports, roads, cities… countless numbers of urban landscapes, full of life, fleeting images of Christmas… all of which they end up sharing with the world through their Instagram profile. As a tribute to all the users who have seen beauty in one of our projects and have opted to share it on Instagram, here is a list of our 12 favourite images.

The pictures selected span the world: the design of the US LBJ Express highway in Texas, an image of the Canadian 407 ETR highway under a layer of snow, a walk through the iconic buildings of the Guggenheim Museum and the Marqués de Riscal winery designed by Frank Gehry; Christmas images of Heathrow Airport, the “Old Bakery” (Casa de la Panadería) in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, and the façade of the CaixaForum building. Or the runways of Glasgow and Aberdeen airports before take-off.

Enjoy 12 urban images which are not to be missed

LBJ Expressway in Texas

Canadian highway 407 ETR in Toronto

  #snowstrom #toronto #coldweather #drivingslow #drivesafe #407etr   Una foto publicada por Alex Gafu (@alexgafu) el

London’s Heathrow Airport

#heathrowairport #christmasdecor #tree #lights #blue #star #pretty

Una foto publicada por Jessica Stone (@jas23135) el

Glasgow Airport

A view from Farringdon Station

Farringdon station #farringdonstation

Una foto publicada por James Blewett (@jamesblewett) el

Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum

Upside down art ? #failedyoga #bilbao #guggenheim #guggenheimmuseum #view #spain Una foto publicada por fbaom4 (@fbaom4) el

Doha Airport

Perfect layover at Doha’s international airport with @qatarairways #lovelypepa #lovelypepatravels #dohaairport #qatar

Una foto publicada por Alexandra Pereira (@lovelypepa) el

Views of Sheffield

View Una foto publicada por Joe Bonett (@bon_joer) el

Casa de la Panadería in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

Navidad en la Plaza Mayor. #navidad2016 #navidadmadrid2016 #lucesdenavidad2016 #plazamayordemadrid #casadelapanaderia #madridturismo #madriddenoche #igersmadrid #madrid

Una foto publicada por Fernando García-Serna Galán (@fernandogdelaserna) el

Marques de Riscal winery in La Rioja

Marques de Riscal hotel #architecturephotography #rioja #frankgehry #design #travel #photo #riojaalta #marquesderiscal #wine #rutadelvino #travelgram #enoturismo #spain #gotd_1369 Una foto publicada por Andres Rodriguez (@andresphototravel) el

CaixaForum building in Madrid

Ese cielo, esos colores #PaseodelPrado

Una foto publicada por VidaMadrid (@vidamadrid) el

berdeen Airport

Another beautiful morning at work! Una foto publicada por Richard Ross (@rickylovin84) el

Do you also enjoy capturing images on your phone?

If so, please share any pictures you take of Ferrovial’s urban projects on Instagram with the hashtag #URBANPEEK, and adding  @Ferrovial.

Written by Jose García Guaita the 5 de Enero de 2017 con las etiquetas: App Communication Internet IT Mobility

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