Publicada el 6 de Junio de 2018

On the 7th of June, 21 years ago, the 407 ETR Highway was inaugurated in Ontario, the province that is home to two of Canada’s most important cities, namely Ottawa, the capital, and Toronto. Since that date many people have used the highway for their daily commute, and continue to do so. It’s worth mentioning that we’re talking about the world’s first totally all-electronic toll-highway here. In a country where distances are so great, highways like this allow users to optimise their time, get where they’re going faster and enjoy the important moments in life.

Many people have grown up with the 407 ETR and it forms part of their lives, in part because it connects people across great distances and is one of Ottawa’s distinguishing features. Instagram photographs of the highway are a testament to the fact that, while it forms part of the daily lives for many people, it is also the inspiration for surprising photographs that have been taken with great affection in an effort reveal its particular beauty. We celebrate this anniversary by sharing the perspectives of just some of the many, many drivers and users of the 407 ETR.

The Instagram photos of Canada’s 407 ETR Highway

Sunrise road to work in yesterday’s sleep haze. #commute #407etr #sunrise

Una publicación compartida de Zandra (@zedkay) el

under the #407etr #sunday #run #barefoot #vibrams #fivefingers #minimalist

Una publicación compartida de Darsan Sivanantharajah (@darsan_s) el

After all these years I finally got a transponder #407etr #407transponder

Una publicación compartida de Raf (@5_pointoh) el

#407etr #toronto #ontario #canada

Una publicación compartida de Cna (@bigshot_foto) el

Home again! #YYZ #Toronto #The6ix #407ETR #GTA #TravelDaze #HeadInTheClouds #Hashtags

Una publicación compartida de justdugan (@justdugan) el

Veiws from highway 407

Una publicación compartida de MoMedia (@torontorebel) el

#407etr heading to #hamont for the @hamontfringe for #flightmare @ theatreaquarius

Una publicación compartida de Nevets setaB (@dreammarts) el

#407etr #ajax

Una publicación compartida de Adrian (@linkedinthepast) el

Objects in the mirror…#vaughan #407etr #blackandwhitephotography #victoriadayweekend

Una publicación compartida de El_Martino (@4scoreand7) el

Clear. #407etr #victoriadayweekend #blackandwhitephotography #concretebridge #toronto #highways

Una publicación compartida de El_Martino (@4scoreand7) el

#407etr #sunset #nofilter #twilight

Una publicación compartida de Richard (@gingrasr2001) el

Underneath the bridge / top has sprung a leak / #burlont #407etr #concreteporn #concrete #overpass #underpass #meh

Una publicación compartida de Tim L. (@holdingskies) el

Written by Arantxa Gulias Valverde the 6 de Junio de 2018 con las etiquetas: Infrastructures Mobility Projects Road network Roads

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