The best articles for improving your personal brand and your professional performance

15 of September of 2016

September is usually the time when we look to improving our personal brand with a view to strengthening our professional profile on social networks such as LinkedIn, growing within our current workplace, or even looking for new opportunities. Improving our standing on both a personal and a professional level is not always easy; it’s not simply a question of brushing up our CV or creating an account on Twitter and sharing for the sake of sharing. To redefine your brand image, you must:

  1. Go through an exercise in self-awareness. Create your own SWOT analysis, identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Be honest with yourself when you do this.
  2. The results of your SWOT analysis will allow you to work on your weak points, but don’t forget to keep developing your strengths as well.
  3. Think about your career development path. Identify your professional objectives, however ambitious they may be. Don’t be afraid to aim high! On the basis of this objective, plan how you will go about achieving it in 5, 10, 15 years. Maybe it will involve studying for a Masters at a business school, or learning a new language.
  4. Work within your sphere of competitive advantage, that which makes you unique and original, which makes you stand out from the crowd.
  5. Put everything you learn to good use, grow continuously in your professional life. Improve your performance and efficiency, always give your best. And don’t just do it: tell people about it. How? On professional networks such as LinkedIn; by managing your own content strategy on Twitter or Instagram; revamping your CV; attending networking events… whatever it takes to make sure people get to know you.

The best articles about personal development

And read some of the articles written by Ferrovial staff and other contributors specialising in personal development, to help you in your path to professional improvement.

Prepare for this new working year by using all these tips to improve your professional brand, boost your performance at work and strike the right work/life balance.

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