The most read articles of 2022

03 of January of 2023

Another year has flown by again. Finally, a year we could consider “normal,” since it has brought us some respite and we have been able to be together again. However, we cannot forget that global milestones haven’t had a year off in 2022, and these will most certainly be talked about in the future. 

After these 365 intense days, with the blank page ahead that a new year always brings, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the downtime with some series, podcasts, or interesting reading. That is why I encourage you to follow the list of the most-read articles on the Ferrovial Blog. Interestingly, many are related to more human and cultural issues. Why’s that?  

Read the most read articles of the year 

For diversity and inclusion month, Jaime Canosa explained the life lessons that we can learn from disability. If people with disabilities are given the opportunity, they can contribute and be part of society like anyone else in our community. The key to making this happen is learning to respect and value the inclusion of diverse lives. Read Diversity: What life lessons can we learn from disability?

Is it possible to live in the 21st century without drinking water in homes or communities? Aisha Al-Said Albella, Director General of Amref Health Africa, explains the project related to accessing drinking water in the Maasai community in Kajiado County, Kenya. The Maasai are known for having been an ancient warrior people; they currently engage in cattle breeding and grazing. They live in Kenya and Tanzania, and their livelihood particularly exposes them to a lack of water; these regions can go 3 years without rain or sufficient harvests. Learn about this social project and how they manage water today, as well as the impact on women’s lives. Read Bringing water to the Maasai community and their schools and health centers.

In a year when nations have had to work more united than ever and on the anniversary of its founding, we took a look at 16 fun facts from the history of the UN. Read it here

Did you know about the girl with a passion for photographing subway stations in London? You will find her as @MissUnderground on Instagram. In this article, we interviewed Jess Angell to find out how her hobby started, learn more about the tricks to photographing infrastructure, and what her favorite metro station is. Read the interview Photographing the London Underground. An Interview with Miss Underground.

If your new year’s resolution is to find an internship or a new job, I encourage you to read How to be the perfect intern. In this post, Ainhoa Almaraz from the Talent Acquisition & Mobility team offers details on how to decide which internships will be most useful in your professional development, tips to excel in your post, and how to finish out your internship flawlessly. While it is aimed at people looking for internships, it undoubtedly offers great recommendations for anyone to review their professional trajectory and stand out from the rest. 

We can find authentic architectural jewels all over the world that in many cases are now completely abandoned – even structures that were benchmarks of their era. Still, they hold charm and magic. Journalist Tania Alonso tours different countries where we can find these jewels, now turned into houses, palaces, resorts, and even spas! Read Abandoned buildings that were architectural gems

I hope you enjoy these blog articles. Go ahead and share them, and keep following the Ferrovial Blog. In 2023, we will continue to tell the stories behind the company and various pieces of infrastructure.

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