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International Women’s Day “Construction Is a Man’s World...” Or Is It?

08 of March of 2021

And cleaning is for women?

These two statements may have crossed your mind at some point, and you might have unconsciously internalized both of them. You’ve heard it, been taught it, and seen it all around you – we all have. This belief is an unconscious bias, an implicit thought that comes from a learned stereotype. Our social and cultural contexts lead our brain to associate certain professions with the male or female gender. That’s why you might believe that construction is for men since it requires more strength, or cleaning is for women because it requires more attention to detail.

We believe that all professions are for everyone, and on this International Women’s Day, we’re joining in #ChooseToChallenge. For this challenge, we’ll tackle unconscious biases with three of our colleagues who take on these beliefs every day with their work.

So what do you think? Are there certain professions for men and women?

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